Business Intelligence: Governance, Risk and Compliance Management Software by Qualsys

Business intelligence reporting in EQMS by Qualsys enables you to create custom high quality data reports.

Collect data from a vast array of sources with flexible APIs, integrates with the central EQMS system and enables you to automate KPI reports for leadership teams.

– Saves 4 FTEs per 200 employees Manages administration required for 4 FTE people per 200 employees.

Governance, risk and compliance can be a real challenge, creating stern faces all around. Qualsys’s challenge is to make you confident in your business practices. To make you secure in your risk assessments. To make you cool in your compliance. And to bake excellence into the everyday.

The BI module brings all of your governance, risk and compliance data into a single, unified platform. Governance, risk and compliance becomes natural and invisible, acting as a growth agent to make your business more efficient, resilient and profitable.

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