Cash Flow with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Having enough cash flow to keep your business going is a primary focus for a business owner who wants a successful business. That’s why we developed a series that will provide you with all the accounting tools you’ll need to run a successful business. In this video, the following topics will be covered.

1:07 – Cash Flow Management

3:29 – Cash Flow Defined

7:04 – Reporting

8:08 – Part One: Bank Balance Overview

•8:41 – AP/AR/Purchasing/Sales

•9:28 – Cash Flow Management Modeling

•10:10 – Cash Flow Management Reporting

10:49 Part Two: Reports

•10:53 – Statement of Cash Flows (historical)

•12:10 – Statistical reporting (point in time)

•15:38 – Cash Flow Forecasting

•20:49 – Cash Flow Worksheet

23:04 Part Three: Cash Flow Charts

•23:04 – Cash Flow Charts

•24:02 – Power BI

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