Consultant vs Social Media Marketing Agency - Which should you start?

The most common question I get asked is which course/mentor I should listen to when starting my business. Now, i’m no expert but I do believe in seeking out smart people to learn from to help you grow.

One of those people is Sam Ovens, the creator of the Consulting Accelerator Program. As a referral partner for Sam, i’d like to give you access to a FREE Trial to the course with a $500 discount PLUS Exclusive Bonuses at

I look forward to your success!


Callum is a LinkedIn and inbound marketing consultant helping Agency Owners and Coaches attract clients through organic social media and marketing automation.

Having signed multiple clients through organic LinkedIn, Facebook and an inbound marketing funnel, I’ve made it my mission to help other service based entrepreneurs break free from cold calling and emailing so they can spend less time working in their business.

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