Content Marketing For B2B Pros – USE THIS B2B Digital Marketing Strategy!


Are you a professional in the business of selling to other businesses? In this video, I share a B2B digital marketing strategy that will place you front and center in your industry. I talk about three effective methods of content marketing for B2B relationship building.

Getting the word out about your business starts with creating great content. I encourage you to use a variety of forms – written, audio, and video. Share articles and blog posts, podcast interviews, and videos across many different platforms.

Here’s how to do content marketing for B2B sales: Write articles for your website, LinkedIn, and trade publications. Host clients and industry experts on your podcast. And create entertaining, educational videos for your audience. Focus your B2B digital marketing strategy on both quality and quantity.

Don’t worry about technical perfection. Rather, concern yourself with the quality of your message. You can get sufficient audio and video footage from your phone. Remember, you can always invest in more sophisticated marketing tools as your business grows.

Because you want to reach your ideal clients as often as possible, post content regularly. A tutorial video can be repurposed and remain relevant. Marketing builds visibility, credibility, and differentiation. Commit to weekly content marketing for B2B platforms, and post daily videos, if possible.

Do you need a B2B digital marketing strategy if you’re not strictly a sales professional? Marketing isn’t just for salespeople – it’s a critical point of entry for any professional. If you want people to choose you, you have to gain exposure, establish your expertise, and set yourself apart from your competitors.

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