How I Make Money Online (never thought I would lol)

Hey Nerds!

I thought I’d share with you some ways I make money by using my mad photography skillz and ingenuity. lol. But seriously, this stuff is simple to do and nothing is stopping you from trying some of these things out too!

When I’m not being a NERD I’m a wedding photographer and videographer. I’m based in Merseyside UK but will travel. I also do destination weddings. More info here! Make Life Memorable:

*clears throat. Affiliate links incoming*

▶︎ If you’re interested in signing up for Blackbox, it would be super cool if you used my referral link so the good folks at BB know I sent you! :

▶︎ If you fancy signing up for Fat Lama (US and UK), use this link and we both get £/$25 of credit! That sounds pretty cool right? :

▶︎ Interested in Pic-Time? Follow this link and you get a free month, and I get a free month. Team work! :

▶︎ My Lightroom Presets:

(Pssst. use the code NERDS for 30% off while they’re new!)

▶︎ Luminar? Have $10 off if you use the code: NERDS here:

Free Luminar trial here:

(P.S. yes, all this text is an additional lesson in making money online! x )

Chris Hau’s video on Black Box:

Any questions let me know 🙂

– Emily

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Website for blog posts, photos, prints, etc:


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All my gear in one handy place:


(All my amazon links are affiliate links. They won’t cost you a penny but they will help to support the channel, so thanks in advance!)

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☆ ▶︎ My Instagram is @emilymaylowrey :

Now with IGTV going live, I’ll be posting more video content on Insta, as well as the regular photos and stories 🙂

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→ → I get my music from SoundStripe and I love it find out more here:

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