How To GROW A Landscaping Business | How To Start Landscaping

I get so many questions about how to grow your business, what i would recommend to build your business, or how to start a landscaping business. So i figured what the heck i’ll make a video on it. Below I will recap the video.

Build up a knowledge base. You need to be able to perform the work you will be installing and selling. Without understanding the actual work you won’t be able to sell the product with confidence. You also need to know how to install or perform the work or hire people that will.

The best way to keep the phone ringing and and grow a business you will need money. IT takes money to make money and you’ll need to put together some money. IF you really want to scale up a business you’ll need money.

Best ways to spend the money i would argue are using google ads, facebook ads, and working on networking with other local businesses. There are ways to get around spending money on marketing to start, however to scale up a business you’ll need to spend money.

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