Instagram Monetization 2020 (How To Make MONEY On Instagram)

Instagram Monetization 2020 | How To Make Money On Instagram

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If you’re a creator or influencer on Instagram, you’ll be super happy to hear that Instagram monetization is on its way! Instagram monetization 2020 is finally starting to roll out, and will be giving creators the opportunity to MONETIZE their content on IG!

If you’ve been putting tons of time into creator content on Instagram, and wondering how to make money with Instagram, you’ll be excited to know that Igtv monetization is the 1st step for IG to pay its influencers and allow you to monetize Instagram.

So man creators we work with want to learn how to make money on instagram as an Influencer, but up until recently, IG did NOT pay it’s creators. Now they are working on different features such as Instagram Live Badges, Instagram Live Shopping, IGTV ads to help you get paid! IGTV monetization is probably the most exciting part because creators will get a split of the ad revenue!

Of course, there will be some Instagram monetization rules when it comes to making money from Igtv Instagram ads, but for the most part, as long as you create valuable and useful content, you should be good to go!

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