Second Stimulus Check Update Today for June. In this new updated video we will be going over the details of New Stimulus Money that you can receive from your state, city, or local government. There are multiple areas that are giving more stimulus money to their residents. More details below:

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UPDATED List of States, Cities, and Counties giving stimulus money:

Jacksonville Florida –

Chicago –

Palm Beach County Florida –

Columbia and Howard County MD –

Maryland Hazard pay bonus –

San Francisco –

New Orleans Grocery workers –

Orange County Florida Stimulus –

Riverside County California Stimulus –

Miami Gardens Stimulus –

Rhode Island Stimulus –

Montgomery County Stimulus –

Alabama Stimulus –

Connecticut Stimulus –

Connecticut Debit Card Stimulus –

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Also coming soon will be more details of the $2000/monthly stimulus package 2nd stimulus check coming out and the $1200 stimulus check update and also new news about Trump stimulus check 2. There are a couple different proposals that are calling for $2000 stimulus check update:

Monthly Economic Crisis Support Act

Automatic Boost to Communities (ABC) Act

Emergency Money for the People Act

and the HEROs act (the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act) which has already passed the House of Representatives and includes a $1200 stimulus check to Americans and now needs to pass the Senate.

$2000/monthly stimulus package:

There has been support of some of the different bills proposing the next $2000 stimulus check update. The $2000 per month stimulus package is the most popular plan out that that you guys have told me you want in the comments. We need the next second stimulus check in usa to pass quickly and in a timely manner for us Americans, and yet stocks in the stock market keep going up while Americans keep waiting. If you have any questions ask below in the comments!

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