Mayo615's French Odyssey Week 29 - Social Media Marketing


And welcome to the Week 29 Update of Mayo615’s French Odyssey and how to transform Big Ideas into Big Realities. How can a new small company create market momentum, and fill its sales pipeline? Social media marketing has rapidly established itself as the dominant tool for entrepreneurial companies.

Social media marketing, programmatic highly targeted advertising from Google and others, and tools like Hootsuite, that manage multiple social media campaigns on a single console have made social media marketing accessible and affordable for small businesses. A recent 2019 social media market report cited the top three results for marketers are improved sales, increased exposure, and growth of partnerships. Companies that have worked with social media for at least a year or more, see better results. You can engage third parties to do it for you, but I recommend that you learn social media marketing basics personally. In the end if you elect to outsource, you will know how it works, and what you want.

I have added an Entrepreneur Resources playlist to this YouTube Channel, and remember the 400 plus posts on my blog,

That’s my management and technology update for this week. We look forward to your comments and questions. We will respond to all comments and questions and may feature comments in our update videos. If you like what you see here, recommend us to others and lick here now to SUBSCRIBE

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