Social Media Marketing Essentials for the Small Business #1 -The BIG Advantage

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In this first Social Media Marketing Training Video we discover why Social Media Marketing is so powerful.

Though Social Media Marketing has been around for a few years now, many of the business owners and entrepreneurs we talk to, even if they have had some success in the Social spaces, still don’t get why it works, and the TRUTH is, once you understand the real power behind social media, you’ll not only be better equipped to achieve success online, you’ll also begin to understand why YOU, the small business owner has an incredible advantage over Large companies and corporation REGARDLESS of the size of their marketing budget, or the skill of their Social Media Marketing Teams. The truth is:

You CAN have a big voice in the marketplace

You can compete against the Big Guys

You can make the world your Oyster due to one simple yet unbreakable rule of human psychology.

Without going into a long dissertation about personality quadrant theory, or the four crucial psychological needs all humans share, let me just say this. Psychologically speaking, along with three other undeniable needs, we ALL share the need to connect with one another, to relate to one another, to like and be liked, or love and be loved.

There is no way around it. A baby who is never held will die. A man stranded on a desert Island, or locked in solitary confinement for too long will LOSE his grip on sanity due to the lack of connection with others.

It is this unblock able force that draws us to each other and binds us together. And it is this undeniable urge that gives the small business person a decisive advantage in the social spaces.

Large companies and corporations cannot, regardless of the tactics they think up, or the money they spend satisfy this need for HUMAN TO HUMAN connection the way a real living breathing human being can.

Though a good spokesperson is a step in the right direction, they are no replacement for direct contact with the owner of a local business who lives in the same community, and buys her groceries at the local market

Through social media, large companies can only make what we call a third party connection. If my friend Nick likes ONE brand of Soda, I may chose to check out that brand as well, and thereby feel a stronger connection to my friend and even to the brand, but it does not compare to the direct connection between two humans. If Nick owned the soda company, as long as it didn’t make me wretch, I’d probably choose it over other brands because Nick is my friend.

And THAT is the advantage you have over the Big Guys. YOU can make a Human to Human connection that outweighs traditional advertising by a LONG shot.

Always keep the goal of creating a human connection in mind when you are engaged in the social spaces and you WILL go farther.

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I’m Denver Lane from Woyster Media

The World is Your Oyster!

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