Time is money – Client book your time whilst you are asleep

Time is money – get client bookings whilst you sleep (Acuity Scheduling)

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8kjGGW41Ms

In this video you will learn from Simon Misiewicz, your Finance & Tax Director

▶ Why most businesses miss out on opportunities to grow their business by delivering sales overnight

▶ Why you may be leaving money on the table because you are not available to speak with your customers.

▶ Why you cannot expand because you do not have the systems or processes to allow customers to book slots with you.

▶ It would be better for you to use Acuity Scheduling. This calendar system integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Gmail and MSN. This means that you can set your availability and Acuity will sync to block out those times you want to spend time with the family or make that important dentist appointment

▶ Acuity Scheduling will allow your customers / clients to book an appointment at your dental surgery, dog grooming services, accountancy services at a time that is convenient for you

▶ Acuity Scheduling will allow you to take to payments from your customers upfront. This means that you no longer have to send invoices after the event. This also means there is no need for credit control to chase customers / clients to chase them weeks later

▶ Acuity Scheduling takes away the pain and hassle of taking bookings from your customers/clients. It provides everyone with an easy to implement system that will cost you very little in terms of money and time

▶ Why not try Acuity Scheduling to see how your customers may book time with you whilst you are asleep.


Try before you buy

Why not try Acuity Scheduling yourself and see how it may help you grow your business. What have you to lose?



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Book a Finance & Tax consultation with Simon Misiewicz. Use the coupon code “YouTube25” to get the 25% discount

Book your tax call now call: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=19038952&appointmentType=13019925

The tax support will take the form of:

1.You book the Finance & Tax Director call and upload your questions with relevant documentation

2.Simon will spend up to 60 minutes to go through your situation and identify the very best solution

3.You and Simon will then spend the 60 minutes call to discuss which solution works for you best and to work out the practical application

4.Simon will leave the call and spend up to another 60 minutes to write up the notes and to do further research

5.Simon will provide additional 15 minutes email support to deal with any clarification questions that you may have

Book your Finance & Tax call now call: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=19038952&appointmentType=13019925

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