7 Web Design Certifications You Can Use to Increase Your Hourly Rate

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00:56 – Google Analytics IQ

02:02 – Adobe Certified Expert (ACE)

03:02 – General Assembly Bootcamp Courses

03:53 – FreeCodeCamp

04:33 – Google Mobile Web Specialist

05:36 – HubSpot Academy Certification

06:25 – Facebook Blueprint Certification

Not every web design certification is created equal. Many are built for those new to design students, new graduates and people starting out with their first clients.

Some are more technical, helping more experienced designers and developers understand specialized topics like front-end development frameworks and digital marketing tools.

Others… well, let’s say some others just aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.

So how can you separate the wheat from the chaff? Which web design certifications will keep your skills up-to-date with the ever-changing design industry?

To help you out, we’ve put together seven valuable web design certifications to keep your freelance business competitive. These certifications cover a range of web design and digital marketing skills, from web analytics to inbound marketing and paid social advertising, so you can find at least one certification that’s relevant to your niche and valuable for showing off your expertise.

While most of the certifications do require some experience or study, each of the certifications can be completed online, and they’re all comparatively affordable, many are even free.

#1: Google Analytics IQ

Understanding web analytics isn’t strictly the domain of web designers, but it’s certainly a skill that’s in high demand from clients. And when it comes to web analytics, Google Analytics is undeniably the heavyweight. The certification covers everything from setting up dashboards, tracking events, measuring conversion goals, and reporting site performance.

#2: Adobe Certified Expert (ACE)

Adobe makes some of the most widely used web design tools in the industry, and there’s a high demand for Adobe-certified professionals. Although the cost of getting certified for each individual product can quickly add up, becoming an Adobe Certified Expert shows potential clients you know Adobe’s products inside and out.

#3: General Assembly Bootcamp Courses

They offer extensive on-campus and online courses teaching everything from basic front-end web development to more advanced JavaScript frameworks, web and mobile app development, and digital marketing skills.

#4: freeCodeCamp Certifications

Unlike General Assembly, certifications don’t always need a high cost to be highly valuable. FreeCodeCamp lets you learn new web design and development skills for free, offering thousands of videos, articles, and interactive lessons, as well as thousands of local study groups from around the world at a cost that’s impossible to beat.

#5: Google Mobile Web Specialist

This online exam challenges developers to write code in response to real-world tasks, covering topics like progressive web applications, performance optimization, accessibility, and mobile web forms. Completing their exam gives you a digital badge you can share on your website or social media, as well as a listing in a directory of developers who have completed the certification, proving your skills to potential clients and generating more freelance leads.

#6: HubSpot Academy

HubSpot offers a number of popular certification courses on its site, with topics ranging from growth-driven design to email marketing, social media, and more. As a web designer looking to expand your service offerings, you’ll likely find the most value in the Inbound certification course, where you’ll learn the fundamentals of inbound marketing, how to understand the buyer’s journey, and more. Each course is available for free, and most take between two to four hours to complete.

#7: Facebook Blueprint Certification

Becoming certified as a Facebook advertising professional through Facebook’s Blueprint Certifications can make you highly valuable to clients and employers alike, proving you’re experienced with the platform and that you can help them reach their marketing goals.

The seven web design certifications listed above are all great ways to boost your hourly rate, prove to clients and employers that you’re an expert in your field, and set you apart from the competition!

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