Earn Bitcoin Free 2021 Btc to Usd

                        Earn Bitcoin Free 2021 Btc to Usd

 I started playing on lootbits.io a couple of days ago. At first it was quite hard but I quickly learned what it actually takes to make it efficient and reach withdrawal fast.

Here I'm sharing my insights on how to quickly get paid your Bitcoin and what to do to win frequently.

Obviously start by creating account on lootbits.io. Make sure you use invitation link because that's immediately +15 gems more than regular registration. Here's mine:

Register Here

You need as many gems as you can get because they're used for opening boxes. And all Bitcoins are inside those boxes, so more gems = more tries to win BTC!

There are additional games as well, but these are for gems only. However, they're good if you need quick gems.

LOTTO is good to win big amounts of gems but the chances are quite low. But it's fun because it's live.

JUNGLE is good because of high multipliers if you guess several steps in a row. However, I usually cash out in the middle of the game to minimize the risk.

DAILY questions is a free fun way to get +5 gems per day by just voting.

TRADE game is interesting because you follow the BTC price and bet if it will increase or decrease after 5 minutes. Fun way to double your gems.

But all these games include risk. If you want to get risk-free gems, then do this:

  1. Complete OFFERS
  2. Invite people and get bonus for signups + increase level and get more gems per hour in the main page

Also, disable adblock and allow push notifications to increase chances and get coupons. It helped me a lot.

Now just click and click and click and click on the boxes. You will work your way up to a withdrawal quickly if you've managed to fully take advantage of all the features I described above.

step1lootbits click boxes.png

After you reach the 0.049 BTC requirement go straight to withdrawals page.

Click the button and you will create a payment request. You'll need to confirm email and enter your wallet address before requesting payment (in your profile settings, you can do this in advance).

lootbits withdrawal button.png

Here's my payment (confirmed and received).

It took me 3 hours from request to confirmed Bitcoin transaction to my wallet:

completed lootbits payment.png

Extra tip: use a good wallet like Electrum. I see many peoiple use Coinbase but it requires confirmation to cash out so have it in mind. Electrum is better in my opinion.


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