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Hello My Charmed One and thank you so much for signing up for my FREE Business Training Class, ENTREPRENEURSHIP IS THE NEW BLACK!

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In this training I am going to walk you through some key information that can help you if you are struggling to decide:

• If starting an online brand or business is something you are interested in

• If you know you want to start a business online but you aren’t sure about the specifics

• If you are experiencing any blocks, fear or limiting beliefs around making this decision

I have full confidence in your abilities and know that completing this training and the associated workbook will bring you immense clarity on your path. If by the end of this experience you feel guided to pursue the path of Digital Entrepreneurship, I welcome you to join me and many others within our community of smart, savvy women, by enrolling in EMPIRE BUILDING.

Class begins on Monday, September 21st and runs through the close of October. Live classes will be held once per week, on Monday’s at 7pm EDT and you will also have access to a private Slack channel for group coaching, additional training and unlimited Q+A with me during the course of the program.

If you are ready to invest in yourself, your business and your future, CLICK HERE NOW TO ENROLL IN EMPIRE BUILDING!

→ ENROLL: https://www.strangecharmed.com/empirebuilding/empire-building/


❤︎ I am ready to receive everything this class has to offer me

❤︎ I am ready to receive all the knowledge Alexis is ready to share with me

❤︎ I am ready to receive the inspiration, motivation and guidance to manifest my desires

❤︎ I am ready to release all blocks and limiting beliefs holding me back from fulfilling my souls calling

❤︎ I feel myself now opening, expanding, and integrating everything I need to know to live my best life

❤︎ I am guided

❤︎ I am led

❤︎ I am supported

❤︎ I am enough

❤︎ My work is enough

❤︎ My intention is enough

❤︎ My effort is enough

❤︎ I am enough.

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