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6 Ways I Disagree with Dave Ramsey:

FINANCIAL COACH MASTER TRAINING FULL REVIEW (and why I chose to leave) I wanted to do a full review of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Coach Master Training because it was one of my first big investments in my business in 2018 and I get a lot of questions about my experience and eventually why I wanted to separate myself from the Ramsey Solutions brand. I also go in depth on the ongoing membership upsell known as the Ramsey Preferred Coach Program.

Toward the end of the video I’ll also reveal why I ultimately chose to leave the program and why I wouldn’t recommend it for someone who is wanting to build a full time, online financial coaching practice. PLUS what I recommend instead.

Over the past 2.5 almost 3 years I’ve seen so MANY money coaches get burnt out. I’ve seen so many finance coaches pivot when financial coaching “isn’t working” and they start doing business coaching or life coaching or mindset, whatever it may be. I’m here to tell you this. The issue isn’t financial coaching and the issue isn’t your clients. IT is 100% possible to build a thriving business where you attract BOMB clients that you absolutely LOVE working with. Coaching shouldn’t be a self sacrificing act. You shouldn’t do financial coaching out of guilt or shame. The root of a lot of this is a twisted mindset when it comes to wealth. Below you can find a link to more info on my Become a Coach Program, this program is for you if you want to help change lives while working from home and make more than your day job.

I teach you how to build an audience, how to sell out of integrity, and how to launch like a boss so that it’s a no brainer YES from your future clients. These are the exact same systems and procedures that I use in the my business that have generated over 150,000 in revenue. You can also find my curriculum on my website that walks you through all of the topics that we cover in my program like target market, offer definition, business finances, sales calls, lead magnet, funnels, branding, batching content, analytics… There’s not many programs out there for financial coaches and this is the ONLY one that offers ALL of those things. This is a one stop shop for teachers at heart who want to build a coaching empire. I don’t play small and neither do my coaches. We have a very real opportunity here to change our neighborhoods, our societies, our countries, and our world through financial coaching.

I appreciate your open mindedness watching this video and please know that it was not an easy video to do but definitely an honest and necessary one.

Pricing Workshop for Financial Coaches WATCH NOW –


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00:00 – Disclaimer

01:21 – Financial Coach Master Training Overview

06:38 – Pros of Financial Coach Master Training

10:26 – My Experience with Dave Ramsey’s Financial Coach Master Training

19:02 – Financial Coach Master Training’s Faulty Philosophy

24:11 – Why I chose to leave Ramsey Preferred Coach Program

31:21 – My warning about joining Financial Coach Master Training

34:00 – My Become a Coach Program

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