Get Paid to search GOOGLE YAHOO and MSN - Save Money for doing what you already do!


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If you use search engines like Google while on the net, you are missing out on some free cash!

For every search you make, you receive points. Points then turn into cash and you have earned yourself a financial bonus.

The new search engine you will be using give results from Google Yahoo and MSN, so you know youre getting the quality you had previously.

If you prefer any particular search engine, you can adjust the settings on the site.

Searching also becomes easier. A downloadable toolbar makes browsing quicker; you can input your search at any time, and from any website you are currently visiting.

I have made £20/$30 in a month doing this scheme, and Im looking to make even more. YOU CAN TOO!

You will also receive bonus money for rating search results and commenting on the websites found. Also if you get your friends and family to sign up you receive more cash!

Accumulating points is very easy, just 5 minutes of effort setting up the toolbar and getting familiar with the website with virtually guarantee you at least £20/$30 a month!

It is important for your benefit to give a valid address when signing up, as this is the where your payment will be sent.


1. To get started visit Scour.

2. Sign up using a valid email address.

3. Download the toolbar and start searching like you did before you found out about this!


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