Home Advisor Review: 10 shocking facts about Billion Dollar Fraud

Home Advisor Review: 10 shocking facts about Billion Dollar Fraud

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You have been scammed.

If you have been scammed by Home Advisor you must do all 3 steps to start the beginning of the end:

1. Simply file a complaint with federal trade commission,

2. File complaint with Better Business Bureau (don’t expect BBB to help, you probably not gonna get actual answer but at least it will be published where people read it).

3. join class action law suit.https://chimicles.com/class-action-filed-homeadvisor-iacinteractive/

We can make a difference!!!

You’ve seen the commercials on tv but did you know that Home Advisor is a billion dollar scam! Watch as Dmitry exposes this joke of a company!

-Home Advisor charges contractors for fake leads!

-Drugs and alcohol are rampant at Home Advisor!

-The BBB is covering for Home Advisor!

-and more!

10 shocking facts about home advisor scam

1. Reason number #1 home advisor is just a new name for failed company called Service Magic.

2. Home advisor is not free. They charge arm and a leg contractors for your information. They make millions of dollars selling your information.

3. Home advisor NEVER refunds money. Once they have your phone and number they will sell it to many contractors to make a buck. Instantly.

4. Home advisor does recycle leads. The moment they need to get some money they simply will send leads again.

5. Home advisor trains sales reps to lie to contractors, as well as sign them around background checks. They have scripts for everything.

6. Home advisor is one of the worst places to work for . Drugs and alcohol as well as sexual harassment is mentioned often in reviews from current and previous employees, high turn over rate, questionable work ethics, low pay, hard environment, needless.

7. Home advisor employees have been coming forward many times to shed a light on scam. Roofing insights have many contacts as well. Employees accuse company of fraud, scam, and state they had to lie to hundreds contractors to make a living.

8. Chris Therril was highest paid CEO in Colorado in 2018. 68millons

9. Home advisor reputation has been declining dramatically over the last few years and has been mentioned in almost every state local media’s, have been sued by state of California, class action law suit has been initiated, but none of that seemed to bother HA or triggers any changes: reviews are only getting worse, scandals take more places, more negative reviews are coming out, what’s next?

10. With all of that: the only place HA maintains good reputation is corrupted Better business review who gives both Angie’s list, home advisor shopping A-. Bbb says it has 13 factors…. even getting complaint a day but if you look at patterns

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