How to Build Network Marketing using 100% Online Social Media Prospecting & Recruiting Methods!

The Social Media Prospecting & Recruiting Game Plan, Strategies, & Scripts you’ll need to build your Network Marketing Business & Make Money 100% Online during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic. [The Challenge I mention:]

Links / Resources / Topics mentioned in this training…

#1) Recruit 10 people in 10 days Challenge Group:

(Everyone who joins this group gets the first draft of my upcoming Social Media Prospecting & Recruiting Mastery Course (a $997) Value for FREE!)

#2) Ways I mentioned you can contact me if you have questions…

– IG:

– FB:

#3) A list of a few things I covered in this 59-minute training…

– Tips on How to optimize your social media profiles for recruiting.

– Key Mistakes to avoid that will hurt your reputation & turn people off.

– My Favorite Online Prospecting Formulas, Scripts, & Strategies.

– Exactly what I say to set up my online appointments & presentations so my prospects are always positioned to buy & join immediately.

– My Favorite Closing Script & The 3 Questions I ask everyone after presentations.

– The 6-Step System & Closing Process I take all my prospects through that moves them from cold & clueless about my biz to red-hot & ready to join.

– What you NEED to do with every person before you talk business with them during this global pandemic.

– And so much more.

If any of these interests & you want the Social Media Prospecting & Recruiting Game Plan, Strategies, & Scripts I used to become a #1 recruiter in a company with hundreds of thousands of reps. Watch this training.

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And to ensure everyone who joins this upcoming group crushes it, I’m giving everyone who joins my NEW Social Media Prospecting & Recruiting course (a $997 value) for FREE!

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