How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel in 2020

How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel, the complete Beginner’s Guide to making money on YouTube in 2020

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0:00 How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel – Intro

0:27 1000 subscribers

0:50 4000 watch time hours

2:22 Checking monetization progress

3:46 YouTube policies and guidelines

4:50 Copyright awareness

7:46 Adsense account

8:19 The application process

9:41 Application rejection

For the vast majority of video creators on YouTube their ultimate goal is to make money on YouTube and make money from YouTube videos. We get asked the question of how to make money on YouTube and how to monetize a YouTube channel all the time. So we think it’s about time we helped you all answer that simple set of questions. How to monetize a YouTube channel and how then make money of it, what do I need to monetize my YouTube channel, what are the requirements, what does 4000 hours of watch time mean, how does copyright content affect my applications and many more.

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In this video we will go through all the basics of monetizing a YouTube channel and some frequently asked questions on how to make money from your YouTube channel. There are often concerns that arise from how to monetize your YouTube channel and we will answer all of them too!

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