How to Monetize YouTube Videos (+ TOP Ways to Make Money on YouTube!)

Learn how to monetize YouTube videos in just a few steps, and the other more powerful revenue streams available to make money on YouTube!


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00:00 – How to Monetize YouTube Videos

00:45 – How to Enable Youtube Monetization

01:12 – How to Join the YouTube Partner Program

02:15 – How YouTube Monetization Works

03:10 – YouTube Channel Monetization Options

05:31 – Top Ways to Make Money on YouTube

05:45 – How to do Affiliate Marketing

07:21 – How to get Sponsorships or Brand Deals

09:38 – How to do Consulting or Coaching

11:07 – How to do Drop Shipping

11:55 – How to Sell Digital Products

13:30 – Primal Video Makes Money

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— How to Monetize YouTube Videos (+ TOP Ways to Make Money on YouTube!) —

Joining the YouTube Partner Program and enabling YouTube ads is an easy way to generate income from your videos, but it’s just ONE revenue stream available to value-adding content creators…

Here at Primal Video for example, YouTube ad revenue is just a small fraction of the income we generate from our YouTube channel (but hey – it’s definitely nice to have!)

Whether you’re just starting out and wondering how to become a YouTube partner, or you’re already generating income and are interested in the other potential income streams available – we’ve got you covered in this video.

We’ll kick off with a quick walkthrough of the YouTube partner program and how to monetize YouTube videos so you can start generating Google AdSense income, and then take it one step further to look at the most effective ways we’ve found to make money online (…and all with the SAME video content!)



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