How To Set Your Service Areas In Google My Business

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Hey guys, this is Joe Burnich with Big West We’re trying to simplify all this marketing stuff so you can just focus on your business and take it to the next level. In this short video, I just want to talk about a new Google announcement. Google is making changes to the Google My Business account for distance based service areas.

So if you have a service based business, you go out and you perform a service at somebody’s house or their business. If that’s your business, you’re going to want to watch this video all the way through and you’re going to want to make these changes before it’s too late. Let’s get started right now.

Okay. So last November is when Google first announced that you need to go in and set up different service areas or zip codes in your Google My Business account as opposed to setting a mile radius. They used to give your the option that say, “I’m in this city, but I want to go 20 miles radius around that city,” something like that.

They’re doing a way with that option and they’re saying the only thing you can put in there as far as the service area, the place that you are going to tell clients that you work is by zip code or specific cities. Okay. So we announced this last November and we took care of it for all of our SEO clients and we take care of it for any new SEO client that comes on with Big West.

But if you’re not one of our clients, you’re going to need to go in and do this yourself because Google is now… Now, that it’s been almost a year, Google is basically saying we’re going to eliminate that other option. We’re not exactly sure what’s going to happen to your account if you don’t do this, but why take chances, right?

So basically here’s the article. I found it, I’ll put a link to this article down below the video so you can read the article as well. But Search Engine Journal, one of the big search engine SEO informational websites out there that we follow basically comes out and says, “Google’s making changes to distance based service areas.”

Most likely your business if you’re doing any kind of service based work. Then basically what it’s saying is Google is going to automatically apply changes. They’re going to decide where you service rather than where you tell them. It’s very important to get in and take care of this stuff. It says the last distance based service areas are going to be removed. That’s the little radius thing I was talking about. That’s going away.

They’re going to take it out of there and they’re going to decide for you where you’re located, where you service. So, I don’t know exactly what that looks like. Like I said. So managers of Google My Business listings effected by this change will have the opportunity to review these updates after logging into their accounts. So if you never log into your account, you’re not even going to see this big warning.

But they’re going to say if you do log into your account after they make this final change, you’re going to see a big warning and it’s going to tell you you need to go in there and tell Google which service areas you work in. Okay. This is not a sudden change. Google does things in phases. So it’s a process of phasing out since last year. They’re doing this in order to accommodate businesses that provide service outside of a set distance where they’re physically located.

This has been our big struggle, especially for home-based service businesses, is we have this issue where we want to work in all these different areas. But Google’s saying, we’re only going to tell people that you work in this one little area. Okay. So is this going to make it so you can rank in 20 different cities? Not yet.

That’s not what Google is saying here, but they’re saying you can at least tell people if they find your listing on Google, at least tell people that you do work in all these different areas. Okay. So this is a step in the right direction in my opinion. I feel like, and a lot of you guys probably feel like that Google has kind of given us the short end of the stick. If we’re a home based service area business. Okay.

Or even if we have a commercial address, we’re still kind of limited. They don’t want to work with us or treating everybody like we’re a retail shop and we’re not because we go to all these different cities. So this is a step in the right direction. Google is finally making some strides as far as helping out service based businesses like us.

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