How to Use Social Media to Market your Website or Blog

In this video I am going to talk about using Social Media to market your WordPress Powered Website of Blog.

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Search Engine Optimization aka SEO is a long term effort. Social Media can help you to reach your target Audience in a significantly faster time line.

The key is to really research your target audience and ensure you are reaching them on the social media websites that they frequent often.

Facebook is still a viable marketing tool but you have to develop genuine relationships and get involved in groups.

Twitter is a very fast paced platform and they have changed the way they present content so make sure you time it just right.

LinkedIn is a professional social network so make sure your content is presented in a professional manner.

Google+ is a great place to promote your content because those who are active on the network are very engaged.

Watch the video and learn how to generate more traffic to your WordPress Powered Website or Blog by using Social Media.

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I hope you enjoyed this video on How to Use Social Media to Market your Website or Blog

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