Top 9 Ways To Get College Credits By Testing Out Of Classes

TOP 9 WAYS TO GET COLLEGE CREDITS BY TESTING OUT OF CLASSES | With college tuition on the rise and college credits averaging around $594, it’s become difficult to graduate with a bachelor’s degree without student loan debt. In this video, I share secret hacks to help you get college credits for approximately $30 to $40 each—some of these options even your college advisor won’t ever tell you about!

When I first found out about these methods, I thought they weren’t legit, but decided to try them out for myself because I wanted to graduate faster and move on with my life. I personally followed 3 of the tips mentioned in this video and managed to earn 45 college credits for a total of $1,500. I graduated with my B.A. in Communications from Thomas Edison State University in only ONE YEAR AND NINE MONTHS.

This is not a gimmick! Watch the entire video to learn more.


00:00 Introduction

03:05 Method #1

05:04 Method #2

06:44 Method #3

09:12 Method #4

10:34 Method #5

12:55 Method #6

13:44 Method #7

14:42 Method #8

16:22 Method #9


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