2020 Full Instacart Tutorial + Ride Along

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Thanks for checking out my full walk through on how to drive for Instacart! This video will teach you everything you need to know about how to become an instacart shopper. Leave your questions or Instacart tips below for the community!


00:52 What you need/application process

01:16 Instacart debit card

02:05 Demo training

03:30 How to get orders

05:04 Ride along

05:52 My BEST speed tip

06:52 Info on ratings

07:20 How to scan items

08:30 What if you scan the wrong item

09:05 Check out process

10:08 Produce, meat, etc.

11:10 Out of stock?!

12:19 Customer service tip: quantities

13:02 Refunds

13:44 Customer’s choice for replacement

14:05 What if the customer doesn’t respond?

15:10 Multiple orders at once

16:40 Multiple order checkout

17:16 Alcohol order, checkout, and delivery

19:41 Earnings and taxes

21:18 Important note about tips

21:59 Earnings screen and how to cash out

if u made it this far drag me below for using the word singleton lol

Music: licensed through epidemic sounds.


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