7 Profitable Strategies: How Do Websites Make Money From Traffic

In this video we’ll answer the age-old question of how websites make money from traffic. We’ll discuss 7 Profitable Strategies for your to make money with your website.

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How does a website make money?

This is a very common question I hear people ask. It isn’t always obvious how a website is monetizing their efforts.

However, it’s important to understand the different money making strategies for your website so you don’t waste hundreds of hours working for nothing!

In this video I’m going to touch on 5 practical models for making money off your website as well as discuss some of the pros and cons of each.

But first, let’s discuss why you want to start website to make money.

Extremely low Startup costs

Nowadays you can start a business from scratch for less than $100 upfront when done online. Try doing that with a brick-n-mortar business…

Open 24 hours a day and all around the world

Your online business is visible to anyone around the world at all times of the day. You can now make money from anywhere on this planet and do so while you sleep.

It can be automated!

Most parts of an online business can now be automated without having much technical knowledge. This allows people to create systems that essential run themselves. Know how to set these systems up, and you just created yourself a money machine.

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