Can You Legally Use Copyright Music On YouTube?

A simple question: Can You Use Copyrighted Music On Your YouTube Videos? It has a somewhat complicated answer.

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0:00 Intro – Can You Use Copyrighted Music On Your YouTube Videos?

1:00 How to check if you can use a copyrighted song?

1:43 What is YouTube content id?

2:22 What happens if you can’t use the copyrighted song?

2:46 How Copyright rules can change on existing videos?

3:25 Why are we using a copyrighted song in this video?

3:51 What happens in the Creator Studio when you use copyrighted music?

4:10 Should you use copyrighted music on YouTube?


The Music Policy Directory will be going away with Creator Studio Classic.

As you’ve probably heard, we’re in the process of moving over to the new and improved Studio. As a result, we’re focused on migrating and building features where we see healthy usage with impact on creators’ goals.

This one unfortunately didn’t make the cut. We introduced this Music Policies tool years ago to help creators proactively avoid copyright issues with music in their video. But it’s seen low usage and would need substantial work to be migrated and improved. Moreover, we’ve found that creators are addressing this need by uploading their videos as private or unlisted in order to spot any issues before publishing videos, which we plan to build a better experience around in the new Studio.

As always, if you need free and safe music and sound effects for your videos, check out our Audio Library. We add new music every month!

It’s always tempting to use copyrighted music on your videos, but generally speaking, you shouldn’t. But what if you are determined to use copyrighted music on your video? Well you can check to see if you can use copyrighted songs and know exactly what will happen if you do use that copyrighted song on your video.


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In this video we will explain how to check if you can use copyrighted music in your YouTube video, what will happen if you do, how the copyright rules can change in the future if you use copyrighted music on your videos, what happens in the creator studio when you do this.

Disclaimer: Please not this is not legal advice on whether you can and should use copyrighted music on YouTube. We are educating you on the tools and support YouTube provides. None of this applies ‘off platform’. If you are still in doubt, be safe and don’t use copyrighted music.

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