How much do you get paid for 1 million YouTube views? How easy is it to become a full time YouTuber?

What do you get paid for 1 million views on YouTube?

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In the modern times, and in particular the current climate, becoming a full time YouTuber could seem like a good change of career, offering benefits such as working from home, being your own boss, establishing a channel with content you love to talk about. But how much do you get paid for doing YouTube videos and how easy is it?

I run this small YouTube channel, with just under 7,000 subscribers at time of recording this video, it has been running for a few years, but I really started to pay attention to it and make regular videos about a year ago, it has also been monetised for about a year. I will look at how much revenue I got for 1,000,000 views, with a few calculations I work out how much you get paid for 1,000 views, it is not much! Then compare a few videos to look at how much I got paid for one thousand views, trying to work out what made some videos earn more than others. With all this being said I estimate how many yearly and daily views you would need to become a full time YouTuber, based on the UK’s minimum wage.

I hope this video will give you an insight into how easy, or difficult, it is to make YouTube an effective career.

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