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Enjoy cooking nutritious food for yourself and for your family? Wish to share it with others? Just check out this video and learn how to make money on YouTube with your elegant and colorful food videos. Your recipe and its presentation needs to be unique. Never copy! Show your face, talk, and cook or speed up your food video and add some music. For example, have a look at the channel “5-minute recipes.” In case you do not wish to reveal your identity, you could just show the food recipe and then add your audio commentary to it. The top view is really important, but shoot your delicious food from other angles too. Do not spend time on common sense stuff (e.g., peeling onions). So basically, if you need to show a lot of sliced tomatoes, just show how you would cut 1 and then directly skip to the visual that shows 11 pre-cut tomatoes. If you wish to earn money from food videos but cannot cook, then you could generate YouTube revenue from Mukbang videos or restaurant review videos.

Need help with food videography? See the links below:

Tips on food photography:

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