How to get paid with youtube on monetisation

If you find that your total estimated earnings is always NIL

If you have monetised your youtube account but fail to get pay

If you are a Verified Partners, and had monetised your youtube account, but still cannot get pay.

You have your viewers, but doesn’t reflect the “Total estimated earnings” on the Analytics

If you are seeing this prompt in “estimated earning” report section

“Data is not available for the selected report, content and date range. If possible, try selecting a broader date range, different content or come back in 1–2 days after the most recent data has been processed.”

Here are the simple instruction of getting your monetisation account to setup properly

If you are having problem in getting pay by youtube, here are the simple instruction on how to link your youtube channel to your absense account. If you are getting zero estimated earnings still, you might have to enable the following.

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