How To Make Money With Shopify (2018) - 5 Minute Overview === Click For Free Shopify Training

These days everyone is talking about shopify for starting an online business. There’s good reason…

It’s fast – you can have a shopify store set up in less than an hour, that looks clean, loads fast, and has every single thing you’d need to sell products online.

It’s easy (relatively) – the business model that most people are interested in with shopify is dropshipping – meaning you never have to actually house products – you just sell them, and then a dropshipping company sends the product to the customer.

The easiest way to get started with this is using products from aliexpress, and a plugin called oberlo.

You basically don’t ever have to even see or touch the products – you just find a group of people that are interested in it – send them ads or reach out to them via free traffic methods – then they buy from your store…

If you sell them a shirt for $20 and it costs you $ to dropship it…that’s $15 profit for a product you never even have to see.

Pretty snazzy.

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