I Tried Selling on Shopify with $0... (What happened?)

I Tried Selling on Shopify with $0… (What happened?)

In this video you will see how I started a new Shopify Dropshipping store with $0 and got it profitable within the first 48 hours.

Here is a link to build your own Shopify store if you want to follow along with the challenge:

🌟 Shopify 90 day free trial 🌟: https://bit.ly/shopify-90-day-trial

You will see in this video if it is actually possible to build a dropshipping store with no money in 2020.

And you will see how to start and launch a Shopify dropshipping store using completely free Instagram traffic, even if you have no money.

You will see the free traffic affiliate strategy that allowed us to start a new store with no money, and get it profitable using a free Instagram marketing strategy, which still works in 2020.

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