Instacart Shopper Dimples on Demand Reviews the Lotus Trolley Bag

Instacart Shopper Dimples on Demand takes her reusable Lotus Trolley Bag for a spin. We love that we can make her job easier AND help save the planet from single-use plastic bags.

Click/tap to watch the full video on Dimples on Demand channel:

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American families use an average of 1,500 plastic bags a year! Do yourself and the Earth a favor. Replace all those single-use plastic bags with reusable Lotus Sustainables—the easiest, fastest, and greenest way to shop!

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice convenience for sustainability. That’s why we design time-saving, life-organizing, and machine-washable products that are soooooooooooo much better than basic plastic bags. Can a plastic bag keep your eggs safe and ice cream cold? Nope. But our Lotus Trolley Bag can!

Join our sustainable movement and help us eliminate plastic from shopping!

Lotus Sustainables

Loving the Earth One Bag at a Time

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