Legally Sample Music (The Easy Way) | Don't Release Your Music Without Clearing Your Samples

This video explains how to clear samples, and a simple alternative that will allow you to skip the hassles of clearing samples all together.

You can’t legally release your music without clearing samples first. Period.

Now that technology has reached a point where almost anyone can have access to recording and mixing software, combined with the ease of access to a seemingly infinite amount of recorded music…

It’s no wonder that sampling has become common practice for so many musicians.

Digital and physical distribution is now easily accessible for any artist, so it’s become virtually impossible for publishers and labels to monitor what’s being released.

As a result, there are countless songs being released containing samples that haven’t been legally cleared.

So what happens if your song blows up and you haven’t properly cleared your samples?

Best case scenario, your music simply gets removed from any and all platforms where someone can stream or download it…

But more likely than not, you’re also going to get sued for infringement, pay huge fines, and be forced to stop all distribution.

So how can you legally clear your samples, so you don’t have to worry about having your music taken down and getting sued?

Watch the video for more details.

➡️ Once your samples are cleared and you’re ready to promote your music to new audiences and grow your fanbase…

You’ll want to have a proven step-by-step promotion system that you can follow to get your music out to the right people, get more exposure, more fans, more streams, and sell your music and merch online.

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