Life Hacks: Earn Money By Scanning Receipts Using Apps Referral Code Boost Income Shoppix StoRewards

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Here I tell you how I earn extra income by scanning receipts from everything that I buy in store or online. It really adds up because you can scan the same receipt with different app, plus the apps give you points for things like just opening them every 24 hours (Storewards) or for completing short surveys about your shopping experiences or other topics (Shoppix and Huyu) or bonuses when you upload (Storewards and Shoppix). I am not sure if these apps function outside the UK, but I assume other countries will have similar schemes.

Update since filming: I have now redeemed my first £20 Paypal reward from Shoppix. It was easy to do, but took 24 hours to process. I actually think the bonus points that you get when you have a lower points balance on Shoppix are more than those you get when you have a higher points balance, so perhaps it is a better strategy to redeem your points for smaller vouchers more often to build points faster, despite the redemption rate being less generous.

Apps mentioned:

STOREWARDS Referral code: Get 250 (I say 100 points in the video but I checked and it is actually 250 points according to the FAQs) for signing up to the app by entering: fqolk

Shoppix (this app is the easiest to use and the one I started with. Credit to More or Less Jess who introduced me to this app, check out her channel here:


You can download all of these from Google Play (pretty sure these are also in the Apple store)

***Remember to scan the same receipt in all three apps (only possible for supermarket receipts, but you can always upload to at least two) to maximise income!

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I use referral codes which means that I may earn a small commission when you use these but there is no extra cost to you and you will get a bonus for using it.

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