Make MONEY & Get Brand Deals Youtuber IG Influencer Secrets & Growth Tips REVEALED 100% GUARANTEED!

HOW to Make MONEY online & Get Brand Deals as a Youtuber / IG social media Influencer secrets & growth tips REVEALED 100% GUARANTEED success for brands and influencers! 🚨 Sign up for my Social Media Influencer Seminar below!

-HOW I MADE 10K in a Month VLOG

My Seminar live Date will be held virtually on 12/19/20 @ 12PM CST however the video will be available for playback for those who want to purchase & watch at a later date.

Registration Fee: $25

-Signup via 1) Cashapp $AmorAntasia OR 2) PAYPAL for NON USA citizens (select friends & family option) by sending your EMAIL address in the cashapp or PayPal note.

-You will receive a registration confirmation with the seminar link (once available), itinerary, Influencer Rate/Pitch templates, & Documents via EMAIL

Time Stamps

0:00 Intro/Private Seminar Announcement

3:40 How to Get Views

8:55 Make MONEY

11:17 How to Get Brand Deals

15:16 Channel Presentation

27:00 Youtubers secrets and hacks


Canon 5D (used by most youtubers with 500K+ subs)

Canon t7i (what I use)

Canon t6i

Canon t5i (my previous camera)

VLOG CAMERA- canon g7x (used by most popular vloggers)


Canon 50mm 1.8 (for beauty shots & close up)

Canon 50mm 1.4 (for beauty shots close up)

Canon 18-55mm 3.5-5.6 (standard kit lens, good for hauls and has zoom)

Sigma 30mm 1.4

Sigma 18-35 (most popular used by most popular beauty gurus and macro influencers)


Box lights

Ring light

Daylight (FREE)

Brand Deals & Affiliate link companies

-Sign up with Magiclinks for brand sponsorships and commission links revenue here signup site


Photofox – thumbnails & story posts

Over – for creative stories



Videoshop for video editing on phone

The most popular youtubers and influencers like Patricia Bright, Missy Lynn, DK4L vlogs, Arnell Armon, Raven Elyse, Allyiahsface, Latoya Forever vlogs, Aaliyah Jay, Teaira Walker, Kennedy Cymone, ddg vlogs, Daisy Marquez, Jackieaina, Kirah Ominique, Alissa Ashley, Keesha Anderson, Scandalex, Briana Monique, Chris Sails, Queen Naija Clarence Royal Family have all started their channels and worked hard posting content weekly like vlogmas without managers using the equipment that I’ve listed above so let this be encouragement for you to put in the work to succeed 2021 & beyond!

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