Realistic Dropshipping Startup Budget for 2020

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Starting a successful business has never been free. Even with dropshipping. You have to put some money into your dropshipping business before your dropshipping business puts money into your pocket.

In this video you’ll find out exactly how much to budget for these fundamental costs:

➕A Shopify account

➕An Oberlo account

➕A domain name

➕Product validation costs

➕Store enhancements

➕Marketing costs

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Tools mentioned in this video:

Burst, for free stock images:

Hatchful, a free logo creator:


Cart Convert:

Boost Sales:

Discount Pricing:

Quantity Breaks:

Bulk Discounts & Sales Scheduled:



Exit Intent & Messenger Popups:

Remember: The money you spend starting your store is an investment. And whether you’re buying stocks or launching stores, you invest in things because you expect a return.

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