Shopify Tutorial: $200 A Day Without Using Facebook Ads! (Step by Step)

In this Shopify Tutorial, you will learn how to make $200 a day without using Facebook Ads on your store.

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In fact, this is the same method I used to make $26,000 in the last 2 months while testing this.

Let’s get to it!

Here are the tips I will cover in this Shopify tutorial.

First, I’ll show you where you can find high ticket products for your store.

Next, you’ll see how you can find profitable keywords using a free tool making this perfect for Shopify tutorial for beginners.

After that in the Shopify tutorial, I show you how you can make over $200 a day by running Adwords to your Shopify Store.

Running the ads can be better than running Facebook ads because they are very high converting. This will bring more sales to your store. If your beginner this means you will make money quicker.

The Shopify tutorial shows you that creating a store and getting your first sale doesn’t need to be hard. You also don’t need to use images or video when testing the ads and I show in this Shopify tutorial. This makes it easier for someone who just started to learn Shopify and the drop shipping method.

Last, I take you through my eCom Elites Shopify training course that’s helped 100s of people online start a profitable Shopify store.

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