What to Know Before Starting Patreon

Here are my best tips for starting on Patreon, including how to create a Patreon or how to start a Patreon campaign, Patreon growth tips, and my best advice for how to get income from Patreon. Of course, we start with the most important question: should I start a Patreon?

Without a doubt, one of the most popular questions I got when I released my income numbers for last year was about how to start a Patreon or how to create a Patreon profile. Here I’m going to tell you how to get started with Patreon and make it work for you as I’ve made it work for me!

I’ve also written up a lot of my best tips and tricks for running a Patreon into a 7-point plan! You can download a copy of this at: http://drexfactor.com/content/download_7_point_plan_starting_patreon_drexfactor_poi

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