13 MISTAKES New YouTubers Like YOU Make - and How To Avoid Them

Nobody said YouTube was easy and everyone makes Big YouTube mistakes along the way. Here are some of yours!


0:00 Mistake – I deserve more!

1:51 Intro

2:15 Mistake – Deleting content

3:14 Mistake – Neglecting Audio Quality

4:12 Mistake – Off-Topic Content

5:25 Mistake – Inconsistency

6:53 Mistake – Leaving YouTube

8:48 Mistake – Starting too Late

10:24 Mistake – Sub4Sub

10:47 Mistake – Trying to Imitate

12:37 Mistake – Trusting One Platform

13:33 Mistake – Asking the Wrong Questions

15:20 Mistake – Listening to the wrong people

17:27 Mistake – Not allowing yourself to make mistakes

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