3 Tips To Get 1 Million Streams On Spotify

Want to get 1 million streams on Spotify or Soundcloud? In this video, you’ll discover 3 tips that will help you get there.

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The first tip is all about playlists.

There are some websites that make it super easy to submit your music, and if they like it, you could be featured on huge playlists that will get you a ton of streams and new followers.

There’s a lit of these sites at https://jammob.com/curators

You’ll also want to create your own playlists for reasons that I explain in the video.

The second tip has to do with networking. There’s a lot of great benefits to networking with other artists, but I’ll explain specifically how it can help you get more streams.

And lastly, you want to promote your music on Spotify right after it’s released. If you give a big push on your own, Spotify’s algorithm may take notice and start pushing your music to new listeners for you.

Watch the video all the way to the end to learn how these 3 tips will help you get to 1 million streams on Spotify and SoundCloud.

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