6 Signs A Job Posting Is Fake

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Can’t tell whether or not a job posting is fake? I’m glad you’re here to get clarification. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers out there who try to take advantage of vulnerable job seekers. If you suspect you’re going after a job that’s not real, you’re probably right.

Why Do Fake Job Postings Exist?

Here are a few reasons why companies and other hiring agents post fake jobs. Fake job postings exist so…

– Employers can gauge the current talent pool

– Companies can get a backup for your position & keep resumes on file

– It’s easier for unfair hiring practices to occur

– People can add you to a spammy email lists

– Criminals can swipe your identity or use your information

Fake Ads By Staffing Agencies

There’s a strong likelihood that it was bait to sign you up with their agency, because this is how many, many staffing agencies work.

They post boilerplate ads for jobs that don’t really exist (although they’d probably tell you that they have many jobs similar to it that they fill all the time) in order to build a database of candidates who they can call on in the future.

Signs Of A Fake Job Posting

Here are a few signs of a fake job posting that you should watch out for during your job search:

No company information

Grammatical errors & spelling mistakes

Contact can’t be found in a Google search

Money is involved immediately

Personal information required immediately

Sounds too good to be true

While not every job posting that has these things is fake, it’s important to be extra careful when you notice any of these things within a job posting.

So, be sure to do your due diligence and proceed with caution when you encounter any of these things during your job search. Usually, if it doesn’t feel right or seems fishy, it’s best to stay away from it.

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