8 Tips to Perfect your Virtual Event Marketing Plan | Online events

Ensure that your virtual events are successful with a virtual event marketing plan.

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0:00 – Virtual Event Marketing Plan

1:43 – Prepare Content before scheduling

3:43 – Audience Engagement

5:09 – Hosting Platforms

6:43 – Digital Marketing Plan

8:04 – Create Buy-in for promotion

9:09 – Event Dashboard

10:43 – Co-host with partner

11:40 – Create an event experience

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Many of you will host 20+ virtual events this year. To ensure that these virtual events will be successful, you need to have a solid virtual event marketing plan.

With the right virtual event marketing plan, you will ensure that all the leads are follow-up, that you get the most out of your online event and that you can always report on the ROI to management.

Virtual events are different than in-person events and in a virtual setting, audience engagement is very difficult. Still, you need to plan for this, because if you can keep your audience engaged, your event will be more successful.



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