Build a Portfolio and GET PAID to Edit TODAY

Build a Portfolio and GET PAID to Edit TODAY | Jack Cole

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Get More Freelance Clients with a Video Intro

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In today’s video we’re discussing how easy it is to get invovled in the remote freelance video editing industry online. This video will be very helpful for aspiring freelance video editors but the practices and tips layed out in this video are appicable to launching in all freelance sectors.

How to Start Freelancing WITH NO PAST WORK

I start off by breaking down how easy it is to start freelancing online.

Starting freelancing online is as easy as 1,2,3.

#1. Build a Portfolio

#2. Identify the platform you’ll be getting your clients from.

#3. Apply to jobs.

This video is aimed at wannabe freelancers who might be thinking its harder than it really is.

Enjoy the video.

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