Entrepreneur Tips: Successful Entrepreneurs Are NOT BIG Risk Takers (MYTH)

Taking risks is closely associated with entrepreneurship. I sat down to discuss why a successful entrepreneur is one that take better or “calculated”. To the general public, it may seem like there’s a lot of luck/risk involved, but as you delve deeper, it’s clear that a seasoned entrepreneur has advantages in several areas of a business model. The J-curve is used here to illustrate the valley of death in startups and tips on how to build a startup that will survive the J curve.

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David Zhao is an entrepreneur, investor, and activist originally from Shanghai, China. He is currently the Managing Partner of NXT Group, an American conglomerate company headquartered in New York City. Its diversified businesses include NXTFactor (full-service digital agency), NXTEstate (Real Estate Investment Portfolio), Food & Beverage Ventures such as Chubby Cattle, The X Pot, etc.), and NXTCapital (VC/MicroCap PE). David is here to share insight about entrepreneurship, the startup lifestyle, and tools/tips to help you with your daily life.

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