Free Cash App Money | How I Made $1200 From Cash App

Free Cash App Money | How I Made $1200 From Cash App

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Free cash app money is available simply by downloading cash app and sharing the invite promo code. The key is to get your code in front of as many people as you can and I personally have received $1295 in free money on cash app simply by getting my code out to a large number of people. The way I do this is by using YouTube, Facebook social media, and retailmenot.

YouTube is basically a search engine. When people want to see something entertaining or learn something new they can search YouTube. What I did was find search terms that 1,000’s of people are already searching for and make a helpful video about that and include my sign up code. In order to do this I use google keyword search and search for topics about cash app and pick the topics that have the most monthly searches and use this for my title, tag ,and description.It has to be something others aren’t using so if you make the same video as me it won’t have the same effect it has to be unique and not saturated on YouTube. All of this is called SEO or Search engine optimization.

Social media is a great way to get your code out there you should share it on all of your accounts. For me Facebook was helpful I post all my videos on my channel page and also another thing you can do is create an offer. Also, with your offer you should join Facebook groups related to money, promo codes, and cash app that have a lot of members and share your code to all of these groups without spamming them.

Lastly, I used retailmenot. This is basically a coupon site that allows you to submit offer codes and of course you submit your cash app offer and whenever someone looks for a cash app promo code on the site you have a chance to come up.

It’s super easy to get free cash app money you just simply have to get your code out there

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