Hiring during Corona? Job Market Update in Berlin for Software and Dev Talent

Today Konstanty explains 3 reasons why the market is tight market:

1 – Kurtzarbeit – Dev teams are being kept on with the aid of Kurzarbeit, at slightly reduced pay but still safe, as a key worker group at many companies.

2 – Risky time – Candidates are less likely to take the risk of moving, including 6 month probation, because of the volatile market.

3 – Ausländerbehörde closed! – The government office where employers can exchange employee work visas is closed, so it is impossible to shift workers between roles. As a result – Berlin local talent is in higher demand than ever before.

Companies are hiring, including leadership teams, but it appears the quality of applicants seems to be going down despite the number of applications going up. Notably – LOCAL talent in high demand due to German government issues.

What are you seeing in the market? Share in the comments ⬇️


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