How 17yr Old Twins in Lagos Makes Money Online

How 17yr Old Twins in Lagos Make Money Online

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Starting a business online can be frustrating especially if you don’t have the right guidance and strategy. It will sometimes feel like you have it all figured out and later looks like you’re doing something wrong because your business is not getting to that level you anticipated. In most parts of Europe and America, one can easily start an online business and take it to certain numbers in no time because one can easily get accepted to some online networks or have access to the best payment processors and fast internet. Over here in Nigeria, there are so many limitations that can prevent your online business from having that fast growth you want, until you understand the best methods and strategies from others with experience or success in it.

These guys are 17-year-old twins into the e-commerce business in Lagos. One of their biggest challenges is payment processing which was also mine back in 2017. They got a solution to the problem after watching my previous video “HOW TO RECEIVE PAYMENTS IN NIGERIA 2019 [THE BEST WAYS FOR AFFILIATE MARKETING AND ECOMMERCE]”

According to them, the video lit up the way for them on what to do about accepting payments on their Shopify store. They shared their experiences and how they made their first dollar and other sales with their store. Dropshipping is a very good business model only that you have to be actively involved with most of the process and customer order fulfillment. Their goal is to take two shopify stores to $20,000 each by the end of 2019 which is very possible.

Their names are Joseph and Daniel and you can send them a DM on Instagram @jolusesi and @d.shesi

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Are you a teenager, student, someone trying to start a business online or a regular 9-5 worker that needs an extra income, here are 17-year-olds that have done this with the willingness to learn, persistent and consistent. I believe anyone with the right mindset and method can make things happen for their online business. Check the pinned comment in the comment section below to contact me for more information.




Disclaimer: This video is for educational purposes only and not a financial advice. The results and earnings mentioned in this video are not typical and there’s no guarantee that you’ll earn money using the strategies mentioned in this video. To attain the results in this video requires knowledge, hard work and skill. You can choose not to rely on the information contained here. We have taken all the necessary steps needed to ensure that the information in this video is accurate.

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