How I Started A Highest Paid Youtube Channel - High Paying Niches Revealed

how i started the highest paid youtube channel… video based on what was shared on the Biaheza Channel – in this video marcus break down how youtube pays creators for views and how you can make more money by focusing your videos on high paying topics.

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on the channel shown here… marcus just started monetizing it back 3 months ago and not every video is monetized so the results are not perfect on a cost per view basis but i think you will get the idea.

this is a full breakdown of the highest paying youtube niches like:


software and tools

loans and finance



tech reviews on high end products

health and weight loss

law and legal

keep in mind the youtube monetization numbers are not an exact replication of what is shown on the free google adwords tool… but it will show you how to create a high paying youtube channel by focusing on niches where we know advertisers are paying big.

make sure you ALWAYS focus on what people want to watch and giving a good user experience… if you just make videos to make money and provide no value… you will have a hard time growing your channel and geting higher paying ads or any ads at all.

remember the results are not typical, implied, or guaranteed, your results will vary based on many factors.

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