How To Make Money Living in the Country on your Homestead

Live Life DIY is about being self-reliant, self sufficient, and independent. You creating a fun, happy, lifestyle of freedom. Live Life DIY is the life you have always wanted to live, your dream lifestyle.

How do you make money when you are not living in the normal job world? Let’s talk about it.

Self-Reliant and Living a Self-Sufficient Life

Do you dream of living self-sufficient and self-reliant? Today, someone is going to begin the journey to living self-sufficient. Let it be you.

We get asked all of the time how do we make money living out in the country on our homestead. We will talk about it in detail. No general thinking ideas of do this or do that. The actual facts of how we do it and how you can do it.

The first thing you have to do is change your thinking out of the normal world job life. We know it is hard that it is a generational thing your grandparents had jobs and your parents had jobs and now you have a job. This makes thinking from a different perspective is difficult.

For some ideas on how you might get started check out the book titled The One Hundred Dollar Startup. It is similar to what happened to me in becoming what we might call an unintended or unintentional entrepreneur. What is important to think about is what is your passion? What is your skill set or what are you good at? And what will people pay you money for.

Earning money from your country homestead is a combination of reducing your expenses and thinking of ways you can earn money beyond the traditional farm sources of income. Having no debt like a mortgage or car payment or credit card. You need to expect you will earn less living in the country working from your homestead then you are earning at a city normal type of job.

Think of ways you increase the value of what you are selling. Think of how you can use the internet to earn and increase the money you are earning from your country home.

We know you can do it. You can live happy fun loving and carefree.

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