How To Make Money On YouTube Without Showing Your Face (🤑 $30k+ a MONTH!)( FULL TUTORIAL 2020)

How To Make Money On YouTube Without Showing Your Face (🤑 $30k+ a MONTH!)( FULL TUTORIAL 2020)

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If you would like anymore suggestions for YouTube channel ideas that don’t show your face then check out these two videos:

10 YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face 2020 😀

Faceless YouTube Video Ideas To Make Money Without Showing Your Face

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Big THANKS to Rob at Karma Comment Chameleon for the inspiration – both the guide but also showing the possibilities. Check out his channel at

This video is to help all my fellow YouTubers and any YouTube newbies looking to get started – but are scared of showing your face on YouTube. I get it – not everyone wants to be on camera and the main star of their youtube channel.

Did you know that there are tonnes of faceless youtube videos out there – channel creators that produce youtube content without ever showing their face. The one sin this video are earning big money with reddit comment videos. This is a full tutorial on how to create reddit comment videos like Sir Reddit.

This is an indepth look at one way people are making a lot of money on YouTube without making videos – yep, you heard it right. It’s an odd one but it’s true.

This video is going to go deep and show you every step of the process. I created one myself just to prove anyone can do it! From the concept all the way through to the finishing touches. So if you are looking for a youtube channel idea without showing your face then this could be perfect for you, don’t skip a beat or you will miss the ninja tricks i’ve thrown in.

Hit the comments and let me know what you think.

So if you are ready to get started on youtube but not quite ready to record videos showing your face – watch the video in full and let me know if any resonate with you?

Any questions then give me a shout!

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